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Motivational speaker and first-time author, Soyini Taylor Walton has released her inspirational title, Going Through Hell to Get to Heaven, in which the incredible account of her triumph over trauma is detailed. Described as the book of a lifetime, Soyini shares her personal account of violence at the hands of her partner, and the challenges she had to overcome to achieve her true sense of empowerment and goal attainment after that.

Soyini provides a very intimate description of her life, including the trauma she had endured and what she had to do to Get Up again! It is a book about the value of life and recognizing one’s inner strength and potential, even in the darkest times. The intense emotion, the strength, and the survival that we have to experience to achieve success are set to motivate, inspire, and empower you to be more than you could ever imagine.

Soyini can give you skills and techniques on how to navigate through life’s complex situations with ease. She provides you with greater insight into your soul’s lessons that allow you to avoid repeating unhealthy patterns and choices. Soyini was very instrumental in guiding me through healing childhood trauma and helped me to see that unresolved pain can open the door to abusive relationships.
– Marie Smith (Client)

Soyini has provided me with guidance and wisdom that has been so essential in my life over the years. It is rare to find someone with her gifts that is willing to help those of us who need guidance some days. She has brought such light to me, and every authentic word from her is a blessing.
– Nicole Young (Client)

Soyini provided 3 sessions for our residents at Sister Me Home.
I noticed that in the first sessions most clients were hesitant to join, but after meeting Soyini and being able to hear that she was also a survivor of domestic violence there was more engagement.
Soyini’s sessions were just what our Sister Me Home residents needed, and it really provided them some hope that their trauma does not define them.
I’m hoping that we could have Soyini come back and speak to new residents that we have come to our program.
– Melissa

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Going Through Hell To Get To Heaven
By Soyini Walton
What is Life Coaching
ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity, and leadership.

My Approach:

As your coach, I aim to help you find your inner riches, “wealth,” to handle life’s challenges healthily and powerfully. Unlike therapists who focus a lot on your past, I acknowledge your history, but I help you figure out what you want, and I help you get there pretty fast. I am naturally intuitive, so I am guided to ask you the right questions to help things move. I also help you understand how to change your thinking so that your mind becomes your ally, not your critic.

Who I Help:

I primarily serve women who are survivors of domestic violence to pick up the pieces and become Unstoppable in life. BUT, I also help people in other areas of life:
Creating and attracting healthy relationships
Aligning with your life’s work/purpose
Building a winning self-image

Not sure about exactly what help you need? No problem, schedule a time for a complimentary Discovery Call to see if we’re a good fit.

About Soyini

Life Coach | Speaker | Author

Soyini is a Swahili name, which means “Rich in Spirit.” Looking back on my journey, I can say with certainty that my name fits my experience. I have learned that healing and rebirth, regardless of your given name, age, or circumstances, can be attained through a tried and true process that is more than my message; it is my ministry.

There is triumph over trauma. There can be joy after pain, and yes, there can be heaven after going through hell.

As a national motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and life coach, I will help you navigate your recovery and restoration journey.

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